About Us

D/D.I.S. provides an international service for complete laytime management and analysis for Shipowner’s, Charterer’s and Importer/Exporter’s Laytime portfolios.

With today’s rapidly expanding international trade, D/D.I.S. recognises that laytime management has become much more complex and cumbersome to administer in house. It is a time consuming and inefficient exercise especially in bulk material shipping which in some cases, is left to junior staff. One mistake can lead to thousands of dollars in lost opportunity.

D/D.I.S. provides a complete laytime management service for loading and discharging activities from:-

  • Preparation and analysis of Laytime Statements from Charter Party or Sales Contract loading/unloading conditions
  • Liaising with counterparties for agreement of calculations
  • Recording the transactions
  • Providing professional monthly reports and historical data for management and accounting departments
  • Settlement of transactions

D/D.I.S. specialises in laytime calculations for multiple parcel shipments and recognises that sharing demurrage on a tonnage pro-rata basis does not always reflect the ‘factual’ circumstance of delays to the vessel, especially in cases where one or more shippers are involved in these delays.  D/D.I.S. provides a neutral platform for mediation in circumstances of ‘shared’ vessels with varying shipping terms.


D/D.I.S. is a division of TransCoal Pty Ltd.

D/D.I.S. staff have a strong background in shipping, principally in coal and iron ore, with over 250 years of combined experience in processing laytime calculations.

Whilst other companies talk about experience, very few can offer the depth and range of practical and relevant experience that D/D.I.S. is able to provide. Drawn from major international mining, transportation & logistics industries, D/D.I.S. people offer real world solutions to our Clients’ problems.

We have led significant changes to laytime calculations in several major ports due to the need to equitably share Laytime and we have been instrumental in the implementation of new port protocols.

Using today’s internet technology, D/D.I.S. is able to integrate effortlessly into our Client’s environment and we pride ourselves on our ability to think and act in line with our Client’s culture.

We have our own innovative vision of systems, process changes and strategic initiatives but our real value is in the practical implementation of this vision. It has been generated through many years of facing practical problems and solving them.

DESDEM takes the hassle away while you concentrate on managing your business well.

We love discussing your challenges. Leave your details below, and we’ll contact you soon.